Supporting Polish businesses

PKN ORLEN sees an enormous potential in products manufactured by Polish entities. In 2018, the company strengthened its relations with domestic suppliers. More than 70 percent of goods sold on PKN ORLEN service stations come from Polish producers, and 83 percent of the products were manufactured in Poland.

Polish food products are distinguished by excellent quality, which is highly appreciated by consumers, as confirmed by the success of PKN ORLEN’s pilot project entitled “Pantry of the Regions”. Today, customers can choose from a range of more than 70 regional products delivered by 23 Polish farmers and businesses to almost 400 service stations in 4 voivodships. The products have strong regional roots and were produced entirely in Poland by manufacturers representing the domestic capital.
The “Pantry of the Regions” is an excellent platform for promoting local products from Polish manufacturers that often find it hard to compete with foreign vendors. PKN ORLEN sees the potential in extending the offer to a new group of 150-200 selected stations.
“Drink Polish Juices” is yet another important initiative of the Group, under which fruit juices from Polish producers will be sold in the entire chain of service stations. This is part of the company’s programme for extending its non-fuel offer, in accordance with customer expectations. It also allows ORLEN to support Polish fruit-growers and local, usually family-owned, processing companies. As result of the initiative, ORLEN’s purchases of juices from Polish producers will increase by 150 percent.
The products covered by the programme include juices of domestic companies such as Bracia Sadownicy, Maspex, Owocowe Smaki (Agrestada), Sad Sandomierski and Sok z gór.
The Group also focuses on the dynamic development of own brands manufactured by local producers, which could largely replace foreign products. The first own brand category introduced by PKN ORLEN service stations was the spring water O!, which has enjoyed growing popularity with customers. The offer also includes chocolate and crisps. The company plans to intensify the development of own brands based on domestic manufacturers.
Procurement activities are carried out by PKN ORLEN on an on-going basis to execute and further its business plans. Participation in the tenders is open to all manufacturers through the CONNECT purchase platform.

“Drink Polish Juices” is an initiative expanding the sale of fruit juices from Polish producers to the entire service station chain in the country.