Outdoor gyms

The Group has rolled-out its first public outdoor gyms at service stations located along transport routes.

They are addressed especially to drivers on long routes to enable them to exercise effectively during breaks. As part of the pilot project, outdoor gyms will be built at 10 facilities, especially at service areas along motorways and express roads.
Every gym is equipped with devices such as elliptical trainer, rowing machine and equipment for pulling up and extrusion, and the area has a safe tartan surface and lighting. There are operating instructions and examples of exercises by each device. The gym is designed in a way which enables training of all muscle parts and the spine, which is particularly important for long-route drivers. The outdoor gyms are open to everyone and regardless of weather conditions.
Improving road safety is a very important area of the Group’s CSR activity. The roll-out of outdoor gyms at service stations allows drivers to spend their breaks effectively, reducing fatigue and improving concentration.
Outdoor gyms are already available at the service areas MOP Baranów at A2 Motorway, MOP Otłoczony at A1 Motorway, at the service station at Wyszogrodzka Street in Płock, at MOP Wiśniowa Góra East and West [A1]. In the nearest future, 5 other gyms will be commissioned at MOP Chrząstów [A2], MOP Sople [S7MOP Machnacz [A1], MOP Sięganów [S8] and the service station in Surowieckiego Street in Warsaw.

Improving road safety is a very important area of CSR activity at PKN ORLEN.